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Yerman Shirt

Yerman Shirt

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The one that started it all!

You can't beat the classics and you can't call yourself a Depressed Monsters OG until you're rocking a classic Yerman shirt! This is the one that started it all.

In 2012, after founder Ryan Brunty's grandfather passed from cancer, he couldn't leave his house for two weeks due to depression and anxiety. He ended up losing both his jobs and spending most days on the couch. One day he started doing self portraits to help cope and a little furry monster appeared. It was the first time he felt like he was able to depict the emotions happening inside of him. Fast forward to today and Yerman can be found on murals, Hot Topic, public speaking engagements and all over the internet!

  • Available in black, white, teal and grey
  • 100% Cotton
  • S-Xl sizing available
  • One color graphic on front
  • Custom size labels printed on interior of shirt
  • Shirt styles may vary so if you receive a slightly different shirt please don't be worried.
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