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Yerman Plush

Yerman Plush

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Therapy Stuffed Animal - Yerman

It's finally here, the official Yerman plush! Therapy Stuffed Animal completely designed by Ryan Brunty, this plush features Yerman's adorable trademark features such as:

  • 12 inches of huggable fun! 
  • Smily, toothy grin
  • Reflective black plastic eyes
  • Embroidered horns
  • Adorable heart palms
  • Custom hangtag
  • Custom butt tag
  • Polybagged and ready for hugs!

Some have described this stuffed Yerman as their own therapy plush ready for hugs when they're feeling down. You can bring your Yerman wherever you may need to feel better about life, Yerman is here to snuggle.

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